DJ/Live  | Stuttgart

LDS aka Luca Daniel Schwarz is an electronic music artist, DJ and live performer based in Stuttgart, Germany. 

Luca's name and profile has quickly risen in the industry with his unique take on Techno, Trance and IDM via landmark releases on Monnom Black, Blue Hour, Transatlantic and Planet X. 

His music is often fast-paced, soaked in detail and infected with psychedelic sound design, absorbing influences from dub techno, experiental and electronica - a truly singular producer.

As a DJ his sets span different styles showcasing a collection of deep and hypnotic music from past and present intertwined with his own productions. Whereas his live performances are pure deep dives into the unique world of LDS and his own personal interpretation of music which is translated into a host of different sonic enviroments.

Riddled with unpredicatble charcter and wizzardry, LDS continues his immersive journey of experimentation, performance and creative experience, inviting us along for the ride and into the future with him.