DJ  | Berlin

Salty DJ is one of Berlin’s artists to keep an eye on thanks to his skill of playing vinyl only and the careful selection of records which ranges from first-generation techno to 00s Trance. 

As a resident DJ of the Shockwerk collective, which became popular for throwing parties in South Germany, he always adapts to his environment by selecting music that reflects the energy on the dancefloor and takes the crowd through a journey of different genres.

Well-known for his attention to detail, he also utilizes his wide genre knowledge to deliver emotive and technically impressive sets.

One of the key moments in his career occurred when he played for the Kulør label night at Berghain in 2022 followed by further milestones like gigs at Weltspiele and Tresor.West, underground raves in Venice, and playing for Berlin’s notorious queer party Mala Junta.

Salty DJ’s love for music shines through in every performance. His signature sound, impeccable mixing skills, and a strong affiliation to the early generations of techno have set him on a promising path.